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LFvball Summer League - Playoff Brackets (Below)

schedule changes:

Schedules are not final.

Please check back often as match times & locations are subject to change.



  • Fall League is scheduled to start  AUGUST 4TH, 2024 (Subject to change). Spots fill fast!  
  • Registration will begin June 1st, 2024.
  • The Fall season is 6 weeks of league play +  1 or 2 weeks of playoffs. (Subject to change)
  • Playoff format is single elimination. All teams make the playoffs. 
  • Tee shirts, bragging rights and other prizes TBD will be awarded to the winners of each league.


  • Each team will have a minimum of 1 scheduled match per week on selected night of play. Double headers may be scheduled.
  • Each match will consist of 3 sets. The first 2 sets will be played to 25 points. The 3rd set will be played to 21 points. 
  • Each set will count for standings.
  • Match times: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 6:15-10:15 pm.
  • Sunday: 12:15pm-10:15 pm (subject to change)
  • Match times and courts will be rotated as fairly as possible.
  • *Schedule requests can not be honored*
  • All forfeits must be declared by 2pm. Failure to do so will result in  elimination from the playoffs. Your opponents are counting on you.
  • Expect to play even if it is raining near you or the forecast isn't great. Storms often bypass the lake or blow through quickly. Always check email & this website for updates on weather and cancelations. 


  • Price: $399 per team
  • Must be 21 years or older to play a League.
  • All leagues are CO-ED 6’s. 3 guys maximum on the court at a time. 
  • All matches will be officiated by a provided referee.
  • 4 Courts, 4 levels of play, Co-Ed net height, Wilson OPTX volleyballs, 4 inch premium boundary lines, LED lighting.
  • Games cancelled or not scheduled due to weather, holidays, or any other unexpected events will likely not be rescheduled.
  • Visit for the full Rules PDF.



  • Priority registration for the Summer 2024 session will open on June 1st, 2024. 
  • Priority registration is for all teams that played summer league 2024. 
  • Priority Registration is for the same night of the week as played in Summer 2024. You may change levels if desired.


  • Open registration for new teams and teams looking to switch nights will begin on June 17th, 2024 (Subject to change). First come first served.
  • All registration must be online at (NO EXCEPTIONS)
  • Please follow the registration link and properly fill out contact information as this will be crucial for communication throughout the season.
  • Check or cash registration will not be accepted. Online only!



  • Please put thought and consideration into the level which would suit your team best. Registering for the wrong level hurts the integrity of the league. Changing levels after the schedules have been made will not be possible. Do not register for a lower level looking to win. Leagues may be subject to change.


  • Level 1 - Highest level! Pass. Set, Spike, Block and dig on a consistent basis. Players have a great understanding of all positions on the court and can execute all skills with accuracy and power. Our referees strictly adhere to all rules and will call all violations at a higher rate. 


  • Level 2 -  Intermediate level.(Serve, Pass, Set, Spike). Players in this division should know how to serve, pass, set, and hit. This is the perfect league for you if you're still learning and might not always execute these skills with great consistency. 


  • Level 3 - Lower Intermediate Level. Players are working on gaining ball control, can get it over the net, have an understanding of the rules and the concept of three hits.


  • Level 4 - This is our beginner level. Happy to get the ball over the net, very vague understanding of the rules. If you're new to volleyball or would like to dust off the rust after not playing for a few years, this is the perfect division for you. This is a great division to have fun and work on your basic skills


  • *We reserve the right to add or remove levels/ divisions based on participation.


Expect to play even if it is raining near you or the forecast isn't great. Storms often bypass the lake or blow through quickly. Always check email & this website for updates on weather and cancelations.


All forfeits must be declared by 1 pm on weekdays and 8am on Sundays. Failure to do so will result in your team being ineligible for the playoffs and a loss of priority registration for next year. Your opponents are counting on you!


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